Ithaca Tour 

Discover the island that inspired Homer to write Odyssey, one of the greatest pieces of art  of all times. 

ITHACA TOUR (8 hours)
Departure from Sami port
1st stop: Chorgota beach (Captain’s Corelli mandolin film) (Kefalonia)
2nd stop: Agia Sophia beach (Kefalonia)
3rd stop: Afales beach (Ithaca)
4th stop: Foki beach (Ithaca)
5th stop: Odyssey and Penelope Beach
6th stop: Kioni village for lunch (Ithaca)
7th stop: Seventh stop: Gidaki beach (Ithaca)
9th stop: Filiatro beach
10th stop: Ligia isle (Ithaca)
11th stop: Koutsoupia beach (Kefalonia)
Return to Sami port.

Join us as we explore the magical beauty of Odysseus motherland during this exciting Ithaca  tour! 

Taking advantage of our starting point, we begin with a visit to one of the most stunning  beaches in Kefalonia. Chorgota beach may seem familiar to you since the opening scene in  the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was shot here. Apart from the beautiful wild beauty,  Chorgota beach also offers a magnificent view of Ithaca. 

Before leaving Kefalonia, there is another beach totally worth visiting. At Agia Sophia beach,  human civilization and wild nature blend together in an unparalleled combination that will  leave you breathless! 

Moving on, it’s time to get to know Ithaca, and there’s no better place to introduce you to the  island’s unique scenery than Afales beach. A true gem of wild natural beauty, Afales beach offers a scenery with sharp cliffs and lush vegetation that feels as if it has just leaped out of  Homer’s epic poem. 

Our travel back to ancient Greece continues with a visit to Foki beach, another representative  example of Mediterranean beauty, with olive trees spread across the charming landscape. Odysseus and Penelope beach is next. This lovely little beach can only be reached by boat,  ensuring a peaceful experience for you to relish its crystal-clear waters. 

But having an authentic Ithaca tour means tasting the local delicacies as well! At Kioni, one of  the most picturesque villages of the island, we will taste the local cuisine and wander in its  narrow, paved roads to get an idea of what life is really like here. 

Returning at sea, we keep on exploring Ithaca’s beaches. First, we have a swim at Gidaki, an  idyllic and serene beach with a magnificent scenery that guarantees utter relaxation. Then,  we visit Filiatro beach, whose shallow waters are ideal for little kids who love playing in the sea. The beach also offers a stunning backdrop full of trees that offer the ideal circumstances  for safe sunbathing. Of course, we wouldn’t leave Ithaca without visiting Ligia isle, where  Tilemachus is said to have resorted in an effort to hide from Penelope’s suitors. 

Coming back to Kefalonia, we have a last stop at Koutsoupia beach that provides the ideal  ending of a relaxing cruise. Not known by many people, Koutsoupia beach has preserved its  natural beauty and its crystal-clear waters that make it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. 

Get to know the most beautiful spots on the island of Odysseus on this exhilarating Ithaca  tour! Contact us to make a booking now! 

Departure from Duration
Sami Port 8 hours