Meet Our Team

Let us introduce ourselves!

Kefalonia Water Sports team that you have known and trusted for 20 years, is now here to show you Kefalonia’s full potential! Kefalonia cruises is a dream come true for us, since we finally get the chance to show you around our motherland the way only a local could!

Your safety is of utmost importance

Our two-decade success in maritime tourism services lies on the fact that we have never compromised our principal rule: safety always comes first no matter what. Our team consists of fully trained and licensed professionals that have been sailing in Kefalonia’s waters for years and know how to deal with them under any circumstances. But ensuring safety is not restricted to sailing. Anyone that has tried water sports with us can guarantee that our highly experienced staff will take great care of your safety, as you swim and snorkel in the countless shades of blue of the Ionian sea.

Experience Kefalonia through the eyes of locals

All members of our crew were born and raised in Kefalonia and are more than excited to introduce you to its history and jewels. We love every little corner of this island and have explored each one of its secret magical spots. Through our cruises, we will give you a taste of what it means to truly experience everything that Kefalonia has to offer, from its most famous attractions to the hidden gems of wild beauty that have remained unexplored even by people living here!

Our aspiration is for your every sense to experience the treasures of our beloved island. That is why we have equipped our boat with everything you might need to have a great time. From snorkeling gear and GoPro cameras to traditional Greek delicacies and drinks, we can assure you that you will need nothing more than your good mood to have an authentic Kefalonia experience.

Let us show you Kefalonia as it deserves to be seen!