Ithaca – Kefalonia

 Hop aboard on an Ithaca-Kefalonia cruise that even Odysseus would be envious of! 

ITHACA TOUR (9-10hours)
Departure from the city of Argostoli.
1st stop: Platia ammos (Kefalonia)
2nd stop: Fteri, Ammidi, Kamari Beaches (Kefalonia)
3rd stop: Myrtos beach, Gianniskari Cave (Kefalonia)
4th stop: Fiscardo village (Kefalonia)
5th stop: Afales beach (Ithaca)
6th stop: Foki beach
7th stop: Odyssey and Penelope beach
8th stop: Kioni village for lunch (Ithaca)
9th stop: Gidaki beach (Ithaca)
10th stop: Filiatro beach
11th stop: Ligia isle (Ithaca)
12th stop: Koutsoupia beach (Kefalonia)
13th stop: Lefka beach (Kefalonia)
Return to Argostoli.

Explore the most bewitching treasures Ithaca and Kefalonia have to offer on this thrilling cruise and  discover what makes both islands so special. 

Our exploration begins with Platia Ammos beach. Being only accessible by boat, the wild  beauty of this beach has remained unspoilt to create a sense of wonderment, as you swim in  its crystalline waters while staring at the immense rocks surrounding you. 

Moving on, three of the most idyllic virgin beaches in Kefalonia will be waiting for us! FteriAmmidi and Kamari feature an exotic scenery with luscious greenery and turquoise waters  that will make you fall in love with mother nature. 

Leaving quietness behind, we visit one of the most popular beaches in Kefalonia. Myrtos is  considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the island because of the breathtaking  contrast between its clear blue waters and the snowy-white pebbles. There’s a good chance  it will become your favorite too, although Gianiskari beach (our next destination) is also an 

excellent rival. Hidden in Gianiskari cave and home to many sea birds, this is one of the tiniest  and most beautiful beaches you will ever visit! 

Making a break from the sea beauty, we are going to visit one of the most picturesque villages  in Kefalonia. In Fiscardo, you will have the chance to learn more about the local culture and  way of life, but also admire the variety of authentic Venetian buildings that are still preserved  and in use today. 

Then, we sail to Ithaca, Odysseus birthplace, whose natural beauty inspired Homer to write  the world-renowned epic poem Odyssey. Our first stop will be at Afales beach, a paradise like gulf with steep cliffs covered by exuberant plant life with pine and olive trees. You will  absolutely love swimming in its clear waters that provide an undisrupted view of the sea life. 

Foki beach is next. The pure wild beauty of this little bay makes it definitely worth visiting.  Strolling among the olive trees and exploring the nearby cave is a must. 

Of course, being in Ithaca, we could not leave out Odysseus and Penelope beach! Offering no  other access than by boat, this wonderful little beach is not widely known, thus providing the  ideal opportunity to enjoy its clear waters in tranquility. 

For lunch, we will visit one of the most beautiful villages in Ithaca. Kioni is known not only for  its scenic setting, but also for its delicious traditional food and fresh fish by the sea. Enjoy your  meal and stroll in the picturesque little alleys before we move on to Gidaki, a marvelous, quiet  beach with a superb backdrop for absolute relaxation. 

After Gidaki, we are visiting Filiatro, a beach ideal for kids and parents alike! Your kids will  love playing in its shallow warm waters, while you sunbathe under the natural shade offered  by the countless trees surrounding you. 

Before leaving Ithaca, we’ll get to move back in time and get a taste of Odyssey as we look at  Ligia isle where, according to Homer, Tilemachus was hidden from Penelope’s suitors. 

Returning to Kefalonia, we get to end our cruise with a visit to two wonderful beaches. First  is Koutsoupia beach, a hidden gem in Kefalonia that few visitors get to explore. For this  reason, it has remained unspoilt and offers the ideal circumstances for snorkeling. Our Ithaca Kefalonia cruise ends with a visit to Lefka beach, yet another exquisite scenery, where trees,  mountains, the sand and the sea create an utterly relaxing combination. 

Is there a fuller experience you could imagine while on vacation? Reserve your spot now and  let’s sail away! 

Departure from Duration
Argostoli 9-10 hours

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