Kefalonia Beaches (FTERI BEACH)

Make the most out of your visit to Kefalonia on a magnificent cruise to Kefalonia beaches that has  been specially organized for beach aficionados! 

Fteri Beach (duration 8hrs):
Departure from the city of Argostoli.
1st stop: Platia Ammos
2nd stop: Petani and Agia Eleni beach.
3rd stop: Visiting Fteri, Ammidi, Kamari Beaches for swimming
4th stop: Ag.kyriaki or Porto Atheras for swimming and lunch.
5th stop: Gerogompos Lighthouse
6th stop: Xi beach for swimming and clay spa
Return to Argostoli.

Have you ever left a place feeling that there was much more to see, but there was no time to do so?  Well, we wanted to make sure that you will leave Kefalonia feeling full of images and experiences, and  this is why we organized this cruise to the most stunning Kefalonia beaches! 

We start off with a visit to Platia Ammos, a must-visit unspoilt beach of unmatched natural beauty.  Surrounded by magnificent cliffs, its limpid azure waters invite you to lose yourself in the immense  Ionian blue. 

Then, we ‘re off to Petanoi beach. Its emerald waters along with the snow-white pebbles and the  verdant backdrop create a magnificent scenery that is bound to steal your heart. 

Our next stop is at a tiny paradise of exquisite beauty. Agia Eleni has managed to become the most  favorite beach in Kefalonia for many of the island’s visitors. Discover the many reasons, as you dive in  its crystalline waters. 

Next, we explore the wild beauty of three secluded and peaceful beaches, Fteri, Amidi and Kamari. 

There is a valid reason why many people claim that Fteri is the most beautiful beach in Kefalonia. The  unparalleled combination of the magnificent limestones and the turquoise waters sets up a  breathtaking scenery that remains unforgettable! 

Only accessible by boat, Amidi and Kamari are two must-visit unspoiled beaches that will not  disappoint you. The pristine coastlines, the lush vegetation and the crystal-clear waters create a one of-a-kind exotic atmosphere that makes swimming a heavenly experience. 

Then we can either go to Porto Atheras or Agia Kiriaki. Porto Atheras beach is a beautiful bay with  green hillsides and shallow waters, where you can enjoy a swim with your children, while Agia Kiriaki is a sandy beach with mountains full of green and splendid waters. Both destinations offer an  unforgettable, mouthwatering experience, since the local fish taverns are unique of their kind! Owned  by local fishers, these taverns will serve you the freshest and tastiest fish you could ever dream of,  prepared by true connoisseurs. 

After lunch, let your eyes rest upon the amazing view at the westernmost end of Kefalonia. At this  alluring cape, you will also have the chance to see Gero Gombos Lighthouse, a historical  establishment that attracts many visitors every year. 

Our exploration of Kefalonia’s virgin spots comes to end with a visit to Xi beach, the ideal place for  utter relaxation after such a busy day. Can you think of a better way to relax than swimming in the  bluest waters, surrounded by rocky white cliffs and sunbathing on a sand at the color of clay? What if  we told you that you can also enjoy a natural clay spa here? 

Get ready to explore the most amazing beaches in Kefalonia! Contact us to reserve your spot. 

Departure from Duration
Argostoli 8 hours

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